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Video Clips from the "HEAVY FREIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA" 27th January 2007

Ex LNER 04 No. 63601
GWR Large Prairie No. 4141

Ex LNER 2-8-0 63601
departs Loughborough with the 12 noon goods train
Saturday 27th January 2007

3.11 MB 0.58 mins

As the light begins to deteriorates 4141 departs Rothley with the 15:00 Ex Leicester passenger service.
Saturday 27th January 2007
6.25 MB 1.59 mins

Ex LNER 04 No. 63601
LMS 8F No. 48305
LNWR 'Super D' No. 49395
LMS Mogul No. 42968

Ex LNER 2-8-0 63601
departs Loughborough with the 10.15 passenger service for Liecester North
Saturday 27th January 2007
3.46 MB 1.03 mins

48305 approaches Loughborough with the 10.15 Ex Swithland frieght.
Saturday 27th January 2007

3.12 MB 0.57 mins

49395 Heads away from Loughborough with the 11.45 passenger service for Liecester North.
Saturday 27th January 2007

2.88 MB 0.52 mins
42968 is seen at woodthorpe with a Southbound freight, followed by her return with a Loughborugh-bound pasenger service. 27th January 2007
3.65 MB 1.05 mins

Video Clips from 'Mail by Rail Gala' 29th July 2006

D5830 & 45305

D5830 is seen at
Kinchley Lane with the 11.10
ex Loughborough service, while 45305 passes with the ex
Rothly Brook freight.
Saturday 29th July 2006

2.02 MB 0.35 mins

As the afternoon grows progressively dull. 45305 Roars through Quorn with the 16.10
ex Loughborough TPO.
Saturday 29th July 2006

1.72 MB 0.30 mins

45305 heads the first TPO of the weekend picking up the mail as she hurries through Quorn.
Saturday 29th July 2006

1.11 MB 0.18 min

45305 is seen at Kinchley Lane curve with the 15.00 ex Loughborough service
Saturday 29th July 200615.00

1.74 MB 0.30 mins

Video Clips from the 'Big 4 Festival' 20th & 21st May 2006

LMS Black 5 45305
4771 'Green Arrow'
30777 'Sir Lamiel'
4771 'Green Arrow'

45305 Departs Loughborough with the first steam hauled service of the day
Saturday 20th May 2006

2.10 MB 0.37 mins

In failing light 4771 'Green Arrow' makes a spirited departure from Loughborough with a goods train
Saturday 20th May 2006

2.46 MB 0.46 mins

On a wet Sunday morning
(May 21st 2006) 30777 'Sir Lamiel' passes 4771 'Green Arrow' near Rabbit Bridge

2.97 MB 0.52 min

4771 'Green Arrow' seen at Woodthorpe during the "Big Four Festival" with the 15.15 departure from Loughborough Saturday May 20th

2.36 MB 0.41 mins